AIN Global Foundation
People Network & Global Marketing
AIN Global Foundation
People Network & Global Marketing
AIN Global Foundation
People Network & Global Marketing

IntroductionWe support overseas expansion and exports of the Korean government, institutions, and companies.

Greeting from the president

Dear Visitors,
Thank you very much for visiting the AIN Global website.

Since our establishment in 2000, we have been supporting the globalization and overseas expansion of small and medium-sized businesses.

Our main business includes hosting a Korean exhibition called KOAA∙GTT SHOW, and participating in the Korean pavilion at overseas exhibitions, holding on/off-line business meetings, dispatching overseas market development teams, discovering buyers, and various overseas marketing-related projects.

Our main customers include local governments, associations related to overseas marketing support for small and medium-sized businesses, and individual companies.

We are always one step ahead of our customers and do our best to help them reduce unnecessary steps, time, and costs.

Currently, we have 26 overseas networks (bases) in 19 countries on 7 continents, and we utilize this network to support and act as an agent for various overseas marketing projects of our small and medium-sized businesses, and are developing new businesses with constant innovation and a changing attitude.

We will continue to listen carefully to our customers' opinions and reflect them in our business to ensure customer satisfaction in all of our businesses.


To support the 'globalization' of small and medium-sized enterprises, it was officially established and launched in December 2000 with the approval of the Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(MOTIE), and promoted various projects for the development and internationalization of promising industries, including automobiles and related industries, thereby contributing to the development of Korea's industry and international competitiveness. We are expanding our business to include drones, mobility, and ODA business in line with future mobility industry trends.

The Status of Global Network

26 companies in 19 countries on 7 continents


Hosting and operation Korean exhibitions, Management and operation of Korean pavilions and corporate/institutional pavilions at overseas exhibitions.
Overseas expansion business project
On/Offline business meetings
Hosting and agency of Korea and overseas conferences/events


NewsMAIL. TEL. 031 384 0301 / FAX. 031 384 0302

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